Graham is an Englishman who started out as a commercial photographer in the UK and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a directing career. It worked.


In 1980 he co-founded HKM Productions out of his garage, which then grew into a large highly successful and legendary television commercial production company that ran strong for 34 years. It was eventually rebranded as Hello and Company and also housed Hello Films and Hello Music.


Graham has directed classic award winning spots for Coke, Pepsi, Miller Beer, Budweiser, GE, Nintendo, Suzuki, Ford, Volkswagen, HP, McDonalds, American Airlines, MCI, GTE and many other leading brand names in his long career.


Graham also co-founded The Directors Bureau with Roman Coppola and Mike Mills.

TDB represents Roman, Sofia and Gia Coppola, Wes Anderson and others for commercials and music videos.


Graham also started and nutured many other directors careers at HKM over the years, including Noam Murro and Jesse Dylan.


Now, Graham simply wants to focus on writing and directing high quality longer format projects.

He has broken away from the daily stresses of running and directing a large production company to persue his passion for creative story telling.


His first foray into film is ‘Bone in the Throat’, which he adapted into a screenplay from Anthony Bourdain’s best selling novel.

A film noir thriller set in London that premiers at SXSW 2015.